Ink Painting Exhibitions 

2019 - current


Three Individuals

Group show with Olaf Bischoff and Micheal Cheesman

Dawid Ras Gallery, Johannesburg

Opening this Saturday 14 August 2021

The exhibition continues until Wednesday 22 September and can be viewed by appointment.

 Devils and Dummies Robert Hamblin .jpg

2021 June


Nel Gallery, Long Street Cape Town 

"Robert as artist just stepped onto another level in my regard. Here is a new artist with a lot of personal experience, technical skill beyond the abilities of most fine artists, and a unique ear for the nuances within a narrative." 


"This guy continues to be an astronaut, an explorer and adventurer, stepping in any new way of being, working in any medium that he deems necessary for a work, in order to find the authentic self and the truest self-expression. "

- Luan Nel, Curator of Queer Cartographies, artist and owner of Nel Gallery on Long Street in Cape Town, South Africa

2021 June

Group Show

99 Loop Street Gallery, Cape Town

Loins in Leopard Robert Hamblin.jpg

Legacy of Men

Solo show at 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town in October 2021

Coming soon in October!